Wondr builds content for a new generation. 

We are digital, we are everywhere!


Creative Supervisor: Pedro Coelho

L'Oréal is focused on betting on digital content. Wondr develops and produces 
contents for the various brands in L'Oréal portfolio. Together with Google's 
own marketing team and research department, we have developed a resource center 
that allows us to understand which content may have more impact and engagement 
with consumers.


Creative Supervisor: Pedro Coelho

FNAC is committed to growing its own digital "fan base". Its annual content strategy
 puts the brand, the creative agency and the production company to talk and in the end
 Wondr produces the best content for an ever-growing generation of connected public. 
We produce culinary recipes, streaming to Facebook and Youtube, event reports, 
video tutorials, among others formats...


Director: Pedro Coelho
Client: Mercedes Smart
Agency: BBDO
Brain Partner: Jack The Maker
Awards: Cannes Creative Festival, Epica, Capples Awards


Magic? Illusion? Special effects? No far of this. Smart seeded the doubt in dozens 
of drivers (and passers-by) who, over two days, when they parked their vehicles,
 with a space that, suddenly, it got bigger. And no, it was not an optical illusion. 
In fact, the space between two cars that were when the driver started the maneuver. 
The explanation is simple, but action was a much more time-consuming and demanding process.


Director: Pedro Coelho

Client: Mila
Agency: Y&R
Brain Partner: Jack The Maker
Awards: Cannes Creative Festival


Fresh Fish? Maybe it’s not… Just because its on ice doesn’t mean its fresh, 
and Mila a leading FMCG company in Poland wanted to show that their latest 
technology actually makes their fish as fresh as the moment you catch it, 
even after being frozen. So, they created “The Live Fish Pack” experiment, 
where they staged a supermarket activation in the freezer section, packing 
their boxes with animatronics to show just how fresh their fish are! 
Enjoy. Created by the crew at Y&R Poland.


Creative Supervisor: Pedro Coelho
Host: Marta Gil

Wondr develops video content strategy for MEO KIDS channel and produces specific 
content for: INTERACTIVE TV, FACEBOOK, WEB (Portal Sapo). 
MEO KIDS reports available on MEO interactive TV.