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USA | POR | 75′

Director: Neal Slavin
Editor: Tariq Anwar
DOP: Pedro Coelho

Saudade invites us on an exciting journey – the life and work of the world-class 
photographer Neal Slavin. A visual and sound fest that started 50 years ago, 
this documentary is the rediscovery of Neal Slavin as an artist and Portugal 
as a country. Saudade, what does it mean? Is this an universal feeling? 
With beautiful imagery from Portugal and emotional and profound thoughts 
of Portuguese people we will understand the feeling of Saudade. 
Saudade: everything that brings life.


POR | 16′

Director: Pedro Coelho & Gonçalo Pelágio

Luis Costa used to be a badass. He was a paratrooper
until he got into an accident on his thirtieth birthday and lost a leg. As a testament 
to where he came from, he decided to tattoo his prosthetic leg. In order to do this, 
one of his friends developed a special tattoo needle made from titanium. The job took 
nearly 18 hours. 
If Portuguese Paratrooper's motto is "Never be known as defeated," 
Luis is a living breathing example to that credo. Powerful stuff.


POR | 13 EPISODES x 25′

Created by: Pedro Coelho
Director: Miguel Pessanha
DoP: João Carneiro

That first moment when we look into someone's eyes and feel with all our inner strength
that you found love. So was Lara in love and living an intense relationship with her boyfriend, 
discovering what love is and the beauty of her feelings, they both shared something truly special. 
Was it real? One day everything fades when Lara discovers that he betrays her to her best friend. 
Lara sees the scene happening before her eyes and remembers everything: three months ago 
she was the one who was in that room, in that song, in those arms, in that kiss.


POR | 23 EPISODES x 25′

Director: Pedro Coelho & Miguel Pessanha

Portuguese Summer Festivals is more than a TV show – it is an adventure that shows you the best that Portugal has to offer..